I am not that fond of barriers, and I’ve felt this way for as long as I can remember. What is the point of boxing ourselves in and confining who we are to specific categories? Nerd. Jock. Geek. Artsy. Conservative. Liberal. It doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m not going to start now.

While I am extremely proud of my background and how that has influenced my experiences, I am the sum of many parts that reflect the lifestyle I lead – a life-long athlete with a carnivorous appetite who loves to travel, read and write, all while sipping a flavorful beer and enjoying the life of a young professional living in New York City.

It has always been enjoyable to tote the line between what society expects me to be and breaking down the invisible barriers that are other people’s expectations. I’ve been known to describe myself as an “intellectual bro”. The ultimate jock who lifts weights and plays rugby, while simultaneously sharing an interest in reading Paulo Coehlo and playing a relaxing game of chess. What this really means is I’m not shy about exploring my youth and living life, as long as it is accompanied by doses of humility, common sense, and an intellectual curiosity.

Self-improvement is an important part of evolving as a person, but it takes more than an individual to do this. It takes a community of experiences and worldviews that people can learn from and apply towards their own goals. This process fascinates me, and I look forward to sharing parts of my quest with you.

– John Tublin