The Two-Faced Rabbit

The downtown street had a corner store that gave witness to passers-by
There were businessmen, children and beautiful women looking fly

One day something appeared that was known to exist but had never been seen
It was a mystical rabbit, short, white and clean

He wasn’t a scary rabbit, he didn’t time-travel in the dark
Yes he was an adorable one, just viewed with unprovoked snark

Down the street he would hop, gleefully carrying possessions newly bought
His face smiling broadly, but his mind stoic in thought

Most of them didn’t know why he smiled so much
Some attributed it to arrogance, and over-confidence that put him out of touch

A child took notice to his athletic grace, agility and overall jubilee
That’s when the thought crossed his mind, ‘This one is for me!”

Lettuce and carrots from the corner-store, laid in a cage to trap the hare
The little trick worked, to the rabbit’s despair

The child ran off down the street, all the way to his home
Then sloppily placed him in the front yard, next to the garden gnome

As the child ran inside, the rabbit knew what to do
It was a method he had practice, tried and true

You can’t cage me, don’t you know rabbits can fight?
I’ll win with cerebral qualities, intellectual might

If you only look at one face there is no way you can see
The special and true nature of what lies within me

The rabbit then turned around, so the child was able to see
He had two-faces, the back deep in thought, the front glowing with glee

So go ahead and underestimate me now
What you don’t expect might surprise you, a blow across the bow

But take some advice child, you will need to grow
That you also possess tremendous powers you do not yet know

The child stood dumbfounded, slightly aghast yet amazed
The more he thought about these words, his mind became clear and less dazed

“Mr. Rabbit don’t go!” The child shouted down the street
Around the corner he was gone, his back-faced expression stoic and neat

Not a tear was shed, the child still felt proud
The two-faced rabbit lives inside him, with ambition roaring loud

It was now apparent why folks scorned the rabbit, with all his agility and grace
Most simply never took notice or care to see the other side of his face

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