The Other Side

The outcome unexpected
A new fear burning deep inside you,
the values of your home never felt more askew

Common sense rejected
How could this happen… you’re so confused
How could so many people become this used?
Who’s to blame?
It can’t be me, which means it’s them
Yea I’m on the good side, it’s gotta be them

The rural uneducated
Gun wielding inebriated
Red-state affiliated
Those against the emancipated

It’s never that simple, causing the frustration we emote
This is true, there is much more involved
You need to look inward to see where other problems revolved

The ship that was sailing couldn’t stay afloat
Blind to reality in echo chambers of righteousness
A matter of time ‘till we sunk into a deep blue abiss

Doesn’t experience count for something?
Not when it’s out of touch with those disenfranchised
The establishment wasn’t the answer, there was a revolution unrealized

The best option was on the sideline
How did we not give him his time!
He would have been the one to shine
What happened was a crime

Looking back doesn’t help though
Yes this is true, let’s not fall into this trap
Let’s work to understand the center of the map

Ignored for a while, societies silent below
Finally got a mouthpiece, brash and bold
The alternative was deemed way too stale and old

What about the hate?
That should overrule everything else on the table
All his promises are a concocted fable

The decay of our nation will start to show
A modern day Jim Crow
Affecting most we know
Stunting the ability to grow

Inaction led to this reality
This must rest on me
No, in truth it’s the collective we

That this is forever is a fallacy
When adversity is born opportunities arise
We can band together and stand up or once in our lives

But how do we fix it?
The collective us!
Now is not the time to run off in a fuss

With positivity we’ll proceed
Refine and live by a creed
Help those who truly need
Take a political lead

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