The Injury

This is the first post in a three-part series detailing my journey recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. In these long-form accounts I will dive into the genesis of my injury, the arduous process leading up to and recovering from surgery, and the grueling rehabilitation. This first post describes the full account of my injury.

Summer 2005

On a hot summer night at Scalzi Park in my hometown of Stamford, CT, I decided to meet some friends to play pick-up dodgeball. You read that right, dodgeball, the elementary school gym class game that I hadn’t played in about ten years. Apparently I was after some serious street cred. The previous summer, the movie Dodgeball, A True Underdog Story came out in theaters, which revitalized the game as a summer hobby. The fad carried on, which explains why weeks after graduating from high school I was playing this grammar school playground game.

A couple of hours into playing I found myself jumping sideways in the air to dodge a ball, just like White Goodman avoiding a Peter Lafleur heater. As I hopped over the ball and watched it whiz underneath my legs, the last-minute nature of my sudden sideways leap caused me to land in an awkward manner. My right foot touched the ground first, with the outside edge of my foot hitting the pavement. Immediately I felt a pop-pop! in my knee, with the sensation of something snapping right to left very quickly. Intense heat shot directly throughout my knee, which was accompanied by intense pain. I experienced that clammy feeling you get when you are about to faint, and was pounding the pavement with my right first while screaming in agony. Safe to say it was the worst pain I’ve felt, and it came from playing fucking dodgeball! After a few people picked me up and sat me down in the passenger’s seat of our car, I distinctly remember my twin brother Bryan saying that he wished I didn’t scream like bitch, and that it was embarrassing. Continue reading “The Injury”