The Revival

  • re·viv·al


    • an improvement in the condition or strength of something
    • an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again
    • a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness, or to sporting success

    This is the story of my revival. This can mean many things, but in this instance the meaning for me is three-fold.

    One, this is the restoration of a blog that was created two years ago, but like many of its kind was subject to internet limbo. A purgatory where an un-finished idea lingers, an opportunity is not seized and creativeness is stalled. Too many times “life-happens”, and other supposedly more important priorities receive the attention required to fulfill your creative potential. It becomes easy to procrastinate as you worry about what others think. At least that seems to be what happened to me. But no more. Sometimes a major life event allows you to take back what you have been striving for all along. So if the rebirth of this blog is the first revival, the second one is…

    The revival of my body. On April 2nd 2015 that major life event took place, as I lay writhing in pain on the turf of Mott Haven Elementary School in the Bronx, NY. My knee had just been shred to pieces, and I instantly knew it was bad. Real bad. I was in for a long road to recovery, both mentally and physically. The chapters following this post will provide insight into this journey, as I continue the process from athlete to cripple, back to athlete again. The purpose here is not to garner sympathy, rather to simply tell my story. To thank those who helped me along the way, and to lend a calming voice to those who go through it in the future. To provide a real outlook on what you will go through, as well as the reassurance that everything will be ok if you have the right mindset. Which leads me to my third point…

    The revival of my spirit, my character. Living life as I intend, tobe the person I ammeant to be. A part of this stems from my knee injury, and the mental fortitude it takes to make the commitment to getting healthy. Another part is committing to writing, to creative content, and to reading books that enhance my well-being. Yes, admittedly this is my therapy, insights written by me to myself. In teaching myself my goal is to share what I learn with others. That the only thing holding me back is myself. That consistency is a key skill that can be honed. That it is perfectly ok to fall off track, and take time to figure it out. That’s why we revive, to create anew. To adjust ourselves to what we have learned, but to record those insights and share them with others.

    Thanks for believing in me, I hope you enjoy the content that is yet to come. And just remember, when you come to a fork in the road, pick it up! (credit to Yogi Berra, R.I.P).

    – John Tublin


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