Why I Wake Up Early

The alarm goes off, and as I reluctantly grab my phone to turn off the noise, I make the split second decision we all make in the morning. Do I hit snooze?

I decide that my crazy ass does in fact want to be awake, but not necessarily get up. So I grab my remote, conveniently placed right near my bedside, and autopilot my way to ESPN. The monotony of SportsCenter will keep me up. At least until I get bored enough to actually get out of bed.

Surprisingly SportsCenter is not airing, but a live match of the Australian Open is on. Andy Murray vs Roger Federer. I realize this makes sense, as it is 5:30am on the East Coast. As I sit here watching two great athletes battle in the Australian Open, I wonder why the hell I decided to set my alarm to 5:30am EST this morning. Not only that, but why did I decide to stay up that early when I don’t have to be in to work until 9:00am?

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